Imagine Institute becomes the reference center for the technology of molecular combing developed by company Genomic Vision

Genomic Vision company, directed by Aaron Bensimon and Imagine Institute just signed a strategic partnership about installation and use of the molecular combing platform FiberVision®.

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World first: initial results from gene therapy point to a cure for a patient with sickle cell disease

In September 2014, the team led by Professor Marina Cavazzana performed the gene therapy on a teenager with sickle cell disease at Necker-Enfants Malades hospital, AP-HP and the Imagine Institute. 

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Group leader positions at the Imagine Institute for Genetic Diseases

Imagine  is inviting applications for group leader positions, in any field directly linked or related to the basis, pathophysiology and treatment of genetic diseases, with special emphasis on Neuroscience, Develoment and stem cells and computational biology.

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