An innovative approach

Discover how the organization of the Imagine institute is designed to speed up progress in research and find new treatments more speedily.

A new institute

Researchers, clinicians, engineers and technicians have settled in a new institute, designed by the architects Jean Nouvel and Bernard Valéro, since the beginning of 2014: 19,000 square meters dedicated to genetic diseases.

Teams and projects

More than 900 persons have gathered in the the Imagine Institute to cure genetic diseases. Discover the Institute’s teams and their projects.

What is Imagine ?

Imagine is a research and innovative healthcare institute of a new type.
Our goal : better understand genetic diseases to better treat them.

« Our children are our eternity » Robert Debré



European Heritage Days at Imagine: the art of sharing scientific advances

On September 15, Imagine opened its doors to the public on the occasion of the European Heritage Days. On the theme of "the art of sharing", the teams of the Institute offered to the families a set of fun activities to understand genetic diseases. The event was a great success, with nearly 1,000 registrations. 

Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet, Director of the Imagine Institute, welcomed the first visitors to present Imagine's architecture and its unique concept to accelerate research on genetic diseases.

Visitors then participated in laboratories and technology platforms visits with Imagine researchers. They discovered the genomic sequencing, genetic diseases of the skin, of the immunity, and even of the brain.

The public was also invited to participate in an extraction workshop of their own DNA, as well as to perform experiments on western blots, always accompanied by our researchers.

See you next year for the European Heritage Days 2019!

Imagine's 400 faces

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