An innovative approach

Discover how the organization of the Imagine institute is designed to speed up progress in research and find new treatments more speedily.

A new institute

Researchers, clinicians, engineers and technicians have settled in a new institute, designed by the architects Jean Nouvel and Bernard Valéro, since the beginning of 2014: 19,000 square meters dedicated to genetic diseases.

Teams and projects

More than 850 persons have gathered in the the Imagine Institute to cure genetic diseases. Discover the Institute’s teams and their projects.

What is Imagine ?

Imagine is a research and innovative healthcare institute of a new type.
Our goal : better understand genetic diseases to better treat them.

« Our children are our eternity » Robert Debré



A successful first Gene Therapy Partnering Day

On September 17th, the Imagine Institute organized the first Gene Therapy Partnering Day, in collaboration with Medicen Paris Region and Île-de-France Region. During this day, the main European actors in gene therapy discussed its new applications, its techniques, and its marketing.

The objective of this international event is to promote public-private or public-public R&D collaborations by combining the complementary skills of academic researchers, physicians and biotechnology companies.

The morning was dedicated to presentations of challenges, research projects and innovative technological solutions in the field of gene therapy. Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet opened the talks with a speech followed by a presentation of the Gene Therapy Area of ​​Major Interest by Prof. Marina Cavazzana.

Then all the participants met and exchanged about future collaborations. This first edition delighted the many participants.

As a reminder, gene therapy is labeled Area of ​​Major Interest by the Ile-de-France Region. Imagine's goal is to improve the care and healing of certain rare or frequent diseases.

Imagine's 400 faces

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