Our institute

Imagine was created in 2007. The need to gather researchers, doctors and patients in one building quickly became apparent. The necessary funds had to be collected and then, with Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, the construction of the new Institute began.

An innovative building to embody a pioneer Institute

On land made available by the AP-HP, the Institute is located on the corner of boulevard Montparnasse and rue du Cherche-Midi. With some 19,000 sq. m dedicated to genetic diseases, it pioneers a new consultation paradigm, adapted to the children's disabilities and designed to provide support for their families. It brings together the players of research and treatment of genetic diseases in one place.

Set up around a vast atrium bathed in natural light, it consists of :

  • Research areas with laboratories and efficient technical facilities
  • Areas for clinical care intended for genetic consultations
  • A clinical investigation center
  • A biological resource center
  • Rare diseases reference centers

The project management has been entrusted to the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP - HP), in the context of a procurement contract for the design-realization. It has been allocated to Urbaine de Travaux, Valéro Gadan Architects, Ateliers Jean Nouvel and INGEROP. They designed a pioneer architectural concept based on an innovative organization promoting synergy between the different teams, the keystone of the Imagine Institute’s organization.

Favoring glass and natural materials and fitting perfectly into the urban landscape, the Imagine Institute also features several gardens. The façades are adorned with etched glass reminiscent of a DNA sequence, symbolically illustrating the raison d'être of this Institute of Genetic Diseases.

"The corner of boulevard Montparnasse and rue du Cherche-Midi could not be more Parisian. We would like it to be hospitable in both senses of the word. Of course the Imagine building has to be functional but not in the restrictive sense of functionalism. The pleasure of working there is indeed a measure of how effective the research is. The image of the Imagine Institute therefore has to be welcoming, open and bright. Light, highly accurate architecture symbolizes the forefront of research today."

Within the architecture a real surprise is revealed, a hidden dimension. Overall the heart of the building is naturally lit: overhead views of the sky and two openings at the side overlooking the garden to the Northwest. Due to the interior balconies of the labs, researchers see the consultation area for children and its internal garden.

Jean Nouvel and Bernard Valéro

Funds statement: Breakdown of building funding
French Ministry of Health 20 000 000 €
Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris 12 500 000 €
Imagine € 12 360 000
Greater Paris Region € 9 000 000
Inserm € 3 000 000
City of Paris € 2 000 000
French Ministry of Research € 1 140 000
Total € 60 000 000
Building key figures : 15 000 msq. m dedicated to research, 48 research labs, 23 teams, 4,000 sq. m dedicated to innovative care
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