Industrials partners

The Imagine Institute conducts cutting-edge translational research in the field of genetic and rare diseases. Our research and clinical activities rely on expertise, as well as preclinical, clinical and technological resources that are inherited from a long tradition of research and care at Necker Hospital and fostered with the creation of the Institute.

Industrial partnerships are a priority in the development of the Institute.  Indeed, they provide our teams with expertise and resources that will enable novel treatments or diagnostic tools to be developed for the benefit or patients.  These partnerships are related to early-stage research programs or trials in humans e.g. clinical proof-of-concept projects.

Our teams dedicated to technology transfer and clinical research supports researchers and physicians in their collaborations with industry and coordinate all the related matters e.g. IP, business development, project management, regulatory, etc.. The focus is on shortening timelines, reducing complexity and enabling win/win partnerships that will provide patients with long-awaited therapeutic and diagnostic solutions.

Industrial partnerships news

Imagine Institute becomes the reference center for the technology of molecular combing developed by company Genomic Vision

Genomic Vision company, directed by Aaron Bensimon and Imagine Institute just signed a strategic partnership about installation and use of the molecular combing platform FiberVision®.

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Imagine and Alexion celebrate the opening of "Alexion R&D Center, Paris"

Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Imagine celebrated the official opening of Alexion's first research site located out of the US last June 23d.

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