Participate in creating the future of medicine, develop new diagnosis and treatmentd to deliver better care to patients.

The medical doctors take care of the children affected by a genetic disease within the Imagine Institute.

Children are received in an outpatient clinic which is specially converted to their handicap. The management of these patients is based on a multidisciplinary medical team which includes the medical doctors from different specialities, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and so on. 

The patients participate in different clinical research programs within the Clinical Investigation Center. These programs are coordinated by the Clinical Research Unit. All the samples from the children and their families are stored and managed by the Biological Resources Center which provides this material availability for the researchers in the Imagine Foundation with all the ethical and legal guarantee on one hand and all the clinical data easily available and analysable in dedicated databases on the other hand. 

The 11 reference centers for rare diseases combine their resources around a common platform in order to attain their objectives.

A rare diseases space was created by the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital to create coordination around the patients.

Also, more and more patients with genetic diseases reach adulthood and a medical follow-up is provided to take better care of these patients.

Innovative care news

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Prevention and screening of sickle-cell anemia to be given priority for research in the Greater Paris Region

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