Projects to finance and achievements

Attracting talent

  1. Welcoming new international teams. Launch of 3 calls to tender over 5 years to recruit 8 to 10 well-known teams
  2. Creation of Imagine teaching Chairs: Developmental biology (funding obtained), bio-informatics/big data
  3. Post-doctoral program

Gathering additional resources

  1. Equipment for genetic studies: purchase of the latest equipment, particularly high-speed sequencers.
  2. Purchase of an experimental MRI
  3. Cellular and molecular imaging equipment: video microscope, confocal microscopes, etc.

Reinforcing human skills

  1. Creation of an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Master's with prestigious engineering and business schools
  2. Three-year Young Talents program of the Sud Bourse to welcome young, foreign researchers.
  3. Young doctors' program: make time available for research, for young doctors (competitive)

Provide an optimum working environment

  1. Fitting out the seminar center (funding obtained)
  2. Equipping the researchers' forum on the 7th floor of the building. Place for meetings and exchanges between researchers.
  3. Outdoor garden equipment for patients and researchers