Call for applications - 2019 International PhD program

An international PhD program at Imagine :

Imagine is an interdisciplinary research center in molecular medicine sponsoring by the Necker Enfants-Malades University Hospital campus. Imagine offers cutting-edge research facilities with excellent core facilities for genomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry, bioinformatics, pathophysiology and animal housing for transgenic mice and zebra fish. Imagine is affiliated with Paris Descartes University, the INSERM national institute for medical research and the Paris Public Hospitals Group (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris). As a research and healthcare Institute, Imagine focuses on rare diseases, their genetic architecture and life-long outcomes. Imagine intends to address unmet basic and clinical research questions related to rare diseases, in order to increase knowledge in a major medical field that is currently insufficiently covered.

Imagine offers PhD fellowships open to international recruitment of highly motivated and talented students. These students will work in a well-funded Institute, with up-to-date facilities and in a stimulating scientific environment. The Institute is currently composed of 505 staff members from 24 labs and 4 associated labs.

The training program, supported by funds of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation presents opportunities in genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, haematology, nephrology, developmental defects, metabolic diseases/encephalopathy, dermatology and gastroenterology within the 24 research groups of Imagine and 4 associated labs.

The program responsible is the Pr. Rieux-Laucat.

- Reserach projects will be proposed by Imagine research groups and made available through the Imagine website.
- Applications will be received through a network of Universities and published on website address and LinkedIn
- Applications should include: CV, letter of motivation, and letter of a supervisor
- Applications will be received on line at:
- Candidates should have been studying for 5 years and obtained a Master Research degree in a non-French university.
- Application deadline: April 29th 2019
- 3 positions will be available / year. They include a salary (€ 2000 per month net salary) for 3 years and a lump sum (K€15/year) for the laboratory.
- Applications will be reviewed by an ad-hoc scientific committee of the Imagine Institute.
- Students will be affiliated to the doctoral school of University Paris Descartes.
- For equally ranked candidates, priority will be given to the laboratories which have no current international PhD students (Imagine programme).
-  All publications and communications should acknowledge the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Find here all the international PhD projects in our laboratories :

List of the 24 research laboratories :

• L. ABEL: Human genetics of infectious diseases: complex predisposition
• J.L. CASANOVA: Human genetics of infectious diseases: Mendelian predisposition
• M. CAVAZZANA & I. ANDRE: Human Lymphohematopoiesis
• N. CERF-BENSUSSAN: Laboratory of Intestinal Immunity
• V.CANTAGREL: Molecular and pathophysiological bases of cognitive disorders
• V. CORMIER-DAIRE & L. LEGEAI-MALLET: Molecular and Physiopathological bases of osteochondrodysplasia
• Y.CROW: Laboratory of neurogenetics and neuroinflammation
• G. DE SAINT-BASILE: Normal and pathological homeostasis of the immune system
• J-P. DE VILLARTAY & P.REVY: Genome dynamics in the immune system
• O. HERMINE: Laboratory of molecular mechanisms of hematologic disorders and therapeutic implications
• A. HOVNANIAN: Genetic skin diseases: from disease mechanism to therapy
• S. LYONNET & J.AMIEL: Embryology and genetics of human malformation
• S. LATOUR: Lymphocyte activation and susceptibility to EBV
• S. MEILHAC: Heart morphogenesis
• A.MICCIO: Chromatin and gene regulation during development
• A. RAUSELL: clinical bioinformatics
• F. RIEUX-LAUCAT: The Immunogenetics of pediatric autoimmune diseases
• A. RÖTIG: Genetics of mitochondrial diseases
• J-M. ROZET: Genetics in ophtalmology
• S. SAUNIER & C. ANTIGNAC : The molecular bases of the hereditary kidney diseases nephronophthisis and renal hypodysplasia
• M.SIMONS: Epithelial biology and disease
• E. KABASHI: ALS : from genetics to treatment
• A. PIERANI: Genetics and Development of the Cerebral Cortex
• M. MENAGER: Inflammatory Responses and Transcriptomic Networks in diseases

4 associated laboratories :

• N. BODDAERT: Image at Imagine
• M.POLAK: Molecular basis of several congenital or neonatal endocrine disorders and
establishement of new therapeutic strategies
• S.SARNACKI: Imaging for Pediatrics Surgery of developmental genetic diseases (IMAG2)
• Y. VILLE: Laboratory of virology

Scientific Report 2018, Imagine Institute: