Appel à candidature nouvelles équipes

Imagine renforce sa capacité de recherche en recrutant de nouvelles équipes qui proviennent du monde entier, notamment en neurosciences, développement et cellules souches et bioinformatique.

Group leader positions at the Imagine Institute for Genetic Diseases

The Imagine Institute for Genetic Diseases, located in the Necker Enfants malades Hospital campus in the heart of Paris, is inviting applications for group leader positions. Imagine is an interdisciplinary research centre with excellent core facilities for genomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry, bioinformatics, pathophysiology and animal housing for transgenic mice and zebra fish.

Imagine is affiliated with Paris Descartes University, the INSERM national institute for medical research and the Paris Public Hospitals Group (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris). As a research and healthcare Institute, Imagine focuses on rare genetic diseases, their genomic architecture and life-long outcomes. Imagine intends to address unmet basic and clinical research questions related to rare genetic diseases, in order to increase knowledge in a major medical field that is currently insufficiently covered.

The Institute is currently composed of 410 staff members from 25 labs and 3 associated labs in the fields of genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, haematology, nephrology, developmental defects, metabolic diseases/encephalopathy, dermatology and gastroenterology. Applications may focus on any field directly linked or related to the basis, pathophysiology and treatment of rare genetic diseases, with special emphasis on: Neuroscience, Development and stem cells, and computational biology.

Appointments will be made at a junior or senior level, depending on experience.
Applications should be submitted to the Executive Committee to 
and must include:
•    1 full CV, including a list of publications
•    Past and current research interests (2 pages)
•    Future research proposals (5 pages)
•    Letters of recommendation by referees (3 pages in all) should be submitted with the application.

Further information can be found on - Applications must be received by May 29th, 2017.

For technical reasons the call for group leaders at Imagine has been prolonged up to May the 31st 12:00pm and is now closed.

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