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The Paris Public Hospitals Group (AP-HP) is a prominent player in healthcare-related research and education. .

The AP-HP is a partner in 7 UFR, of 18 collaborative education and research institutes, 17 clinical investigation centers. The AP-HP also runs 12 clinical research units. Across its various hospital sites, the AP-HP houses 80 INSERM units and 13 CNRS research labs.

Avec plus de 2 0Carrying out more than 2 000 ongoing projects, including 900 biomedical research projects, it is the largest clinical trial sponsor in France and the first center of biomedical research in Europe. Thus, a large number of original articles published in scientific journals makes it as a considerable contributor to advance in medicine. By providing the land on which the pioneering building dedicated to research on genetic diseases will be built, the AP-HP is fully involved in the Imagine project which will reinforce the synergy between research and innovative care teams.


Founded in 1964 The French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and the French Ministry for Research.

The INSERM is the only public-sector research organization in France entirely dedicated to human health. Its researchers (spread across 316 research units) study all types of disease - from the most common to the rarest conditions - in biological, medical and public health research programs.

As a founding member of Aviesan, France’s National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health, INSERM seeks to foster dialogue and collaboration between fundamental research, clinical research and applied research in both public and private sectors – thus explaining its close links with the Imagine Foundation. This commitment is perfectly in line with INSERM’s efforts to achieve excellence by federating healthcare professionals around a prominent theme within a university hospital setting.

paris descartes

Paris Descartes University’s welcomes over 37,600 students, 2,177 faculty members (including 800 in medicine) and 2,149 administrative and technical support staff. It includes 10 of education and research Units (UFR, Faculties and University Institutes of Technology).

Human biology and internal medicine are among Paris Descartes University’s domains of excellence. 70% of the university’s research groups are involved in genetics, immunology, biological chemistry, neurosciences, hematology, oncology, endocrinology and diabetes.

In total, the University has 85 joint research units, including 55 operated with INSERM. The Imagine project fits perfectly well with Paris Descartes University’s objectives in translational research and its goal of bringing clinicians and researchers (previously dispersed across the Necker Children’s Hospital campus) in a single building and providing them with the best technical facilities.


Since its creation in 1958 by patients and their parents, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM) has been fighting to cure neuromuscular disorders and reduce the associated handicaps. These rare, rapidly progressing and highly disabling diseases (most of which are genetic disorders) have been neglected by the scientific and medical community for a long period of time and are not well managed through the healthcare system. In order to counter this situation, the AFM has chosen to focus its activities on the general issue of genetic and rare diseases - a broader public health policy with a much greater impact. Today, the AFM is dedicated to exploring all types of innovative therapy: gene therapy, gene surgery, cell & stem cell therapy and pharmacological treatments. The AFM is currently sponsoring around 30 planned or ongoing clinical trials in the fields of neuromuscular disease and other rare genetic diseases.

C’est pourThe AFM decided to become a founding member of the Imagine Foundation, which brings together care providers, researchers and patients in order to leverage synergies and further accelerate the development of new therapies with one purpose: finding new therapeutic approaches.

Mairie de paris

Paris City Council has committed to helping ill children and their families, in partnership with the Imagine Foundation since the beginning of the project to create this unique place dedicated to genetic diseases. Research in life sciences is essential for medical advances which our children will benefit in the coming years. This innovative concept contributes to the spread of Paris and the international reputation for scientific excellence that it should provide, training and dissemination of advanced therapeutics.

Paris City Council strongly supports this great architectural and symbolic project located within the Necker Children’s Hospital complex which will host in optimal conditions researchers, physicians, engineers and especially ill children and their families.

hopitaux de paris hopitaux de france

Ever since it was created in 1989, the Hopitaux de Paris-Hopitaux de France Foundation, chaired by Mrs Bernadette Chirac,  has striven to improve the quality of life of hospitalized children, teenagers and elderly patients. Involved in fighting pain, bringing families together, supporting of teenagers in distress, developing activities as well as in improving comfort, the Foundation supports actions that contribute every day to relieve hospitalized patients. Hopitaux de Paris-Hopitaux de France Foundation’s fight against children’s suffering prompted it to join and fund the Imagine Foundation, the goal of which is to enable children suffering from a genetic disease to benefit more rapidly from innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.