Share scientific progress and educate tomorrow’s talent in the culture of research and clinic integration.


The Imagine institute has committed to develop the sharing of knowledge, to make today’s progress become the future of medicine. Sharing knowledge and expertise, develop a culture of innovation is one of Imagine’s mission.

The Imagine institute recruits young talents worldwide to offer them a double approach expertise: clinic and research, a major expertise to offer better care to patients with genetic diseases.

Par exemFor example, the MD-PhD program of the Imagine Institute is designed to provide support for young physicians and pharmacists during their research, by funding their science theses (between 1st year and 4th year), to give them the opportunity to consider a medical or pharmaceutical and scientific career. This program, funded by public and private investments provide available positions inside Imagine’s research groups.

Imagine provides also continuous formation for physicians and other medical professions

A paramedical master degree, dedicated to genetic diseases patients and their special needs is actually under construction. This master degree targets a wide audience of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and forms them to the specificities of genetic diseases.

Besides, Imagine has also a « time for research » program intended for physicians, odontologists and pharmacists working in the hospital’s clinical units associated with the IHU. The program gives participants the opportunity and time to develop a research project.

The Imagine institute is also deeply committed to promoting knowledge-sharing and to ensure technology transfer.

Imagine is currently developing master degrees with double majors, economics and sciences, in collaboration with business schools and engineering schools. Theses master degrees’ objective is to broadcast the technology transfer culture to add to value to the research results.