Support services platform

Imagine's Support Services platform contains all the services for optimizing the skills and operation of the research laboratories and technology platforms.

Its mission is to support doctors, researchers, engineers, technicians and healthcare staff, by optimizing the resources available to them, and providing any additional means they need, gathered from the Institute's patrons and its institutional and private partners.

The Support Services platform includes the general secretary, technology transfer, human resources, communications, accounts, and clinical research.

Laure Boquet
General Delegate
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Emilie Resweber-Gouin

Emilie Resweber-Gouin
Head of Human Ressources
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Marie-Françoise Dupont

Marie Percevault
Financial and administrative Manager
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Romain Marlange

Romain Marlange
Head of Innovation & Technology Transfer Department
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Clothilde Brémard-Oury

Laurent Mellier
Head of Development & Communications
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