Imagine and Alexion celebrate the opening of "Alexion R&D Center, Paris"

Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Imagine celebrated the official opening of Alexion's first research site located out of the US last June 23d. The creation of Alexion R&D Center in Paris shows the growing attractiveness of both France and Imagine as a state-of-the-art research and healthcare center dedicated to genetic diseases. This center will host about twenty scientists. Their integration at Imagine is "not only a great honor - it will be instrumental in transforming our discoveries in new treatments" said Alain Fischer.

Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Health, Thierry Mandon Minister of State for Education and Research, Jane D. Hartley, United States Ambassador to France, David L. Hallal,  CEO of Alexion, Martin Mackay, Global Head of Research & Development and Executive Vice President at Alexion, Martin Hirsch, Director of the AP-HP, Yves Lévy, CEO of Inserm, Frédéric Dardel, President of Paris Descartes University,  Alain Fischer, Director of Imagine and Arnold Munnich, co-founder of Imagine outlined the promising synergies of the partnership during a special tour of the Institute.

In his opening speech, David Hallal stated:" the patients who suffer from rare and ultra-rare diseases are our inspiration and our ability to serve them begins with discovery research. (...) We are tremendously excited for what lies ahead - both the discoveries that Alexion will make here at the Imagine Institute, and the partnerships we intend to pursue beyond our work in this lab."

Mrs Touraine declared : "The partnership set up between Imagine and Alexion Pharmaceuticals to host a new R&D center of excellence on rare diseases is great news. I encourage this beautiful and great initiative in the fight against rare diseases."