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Legal notices

By visiting or using the website of the Imagine Foundation – Institute of genetic diseases, users agree to the terms and conditions in force when they connect. The Foundation is free to modify the current terms and conditions without notice.

Users take on the entire responsibility for informing themselves about the terms and conditions in force when they connect to the website.

  1. Intellectual property

    This website belongs and is used by the Imagine – Institute of genetic diseases

    The general presentation as well as each one of the components, including brands, logotypes and domain names, showed on the website are protected by the laws in force about intellectual property and belong to the Imagine Institute, or are the subject of a special authorization of use.

    According to the clause 122-4 of the intellectual property code, none of the components of the website can be copied, reproduced, modified, reedited, downloaded, distorted, forwarded or distributed in any way, on any medium, partially or entirely, without a prior written authorization of the Foundation.

    Only copies for private use can be authorized for personal use, private and non commercial, on a personal computer. The following mention has to appear on every authorized copy of all or part of the website content: “Copyright 2009 – Imagine Institute – All rights reserved”.

    Any authorized use of components of the website has to be realized without any distortion, modification or alteration. Any unauthorized use might be considered a violation of the laws relative to copyrights, commercial brands, advertising and communication, as well as a violation of the protection of private life.

    Nature of information

    The website provides medical information, exclusively dedicated to the users’ information, which shouldn’t be used as a replacement of the advice of health specialists within a medical diagnosis.

  2. Links towards other websites

    The Imagine institute can provide links towards other websites. These websites are independent and the Imagine Institute doesn’t edit or control the sources and contents of these websites or their links with other websites.

    Links towards these websites don’t mean in any way that the Imagine Institute approves, validates or supports these websites’ contents, or is associated to these websites’ owners and/or authors, creators, coordinators, administrators or hosts.

    Therefore, the Imagine institute shouldn’t be held responsible for the contents, products, services, ads, cookies or any other component of these websites, or for any damage or loss, established or argued, consecutive or related to the use of information, services or data available on these websites.

    External websites can contain hypertext links aimed at the website. Such a link should not be installed without prior and explicit approval of the Imagine Institute. In any case, the Institute should certainly not be held responsible for the unavailability of such websites and doesn’t examine, control, approve or manage any of the contents, ads, products or other elements available on or through these websites.


  3. Website information including nominative information

    Users are not required to reveal their personal information to visit the website. If users ask for a piece of information through the website and provide the Imagine Institute with their email address or their name and postal address, they agree that this data could be used to send them the information they asked for. Users also agree that the Foundation could use this data later on to keep them advised of any new element about the Foundation that could interest them.

    According to the law of January 6th 1978 about “Information technology and freedom”, you benefit from a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of all of your personal information. To do so, you just have to write to: The website is not designed to receive any confidential piece of information. Therefore, except for the personal information mentioned above, any element – document, data, graph, question, suggestion, concept, comment or other – that you could share with us through the website wouldn’t be considered confidential. Consequently, you forwarding it to us give us the right to use it, to copy it, to spread it, to modify it or to transmit it in order to answer your request.

    Is users apply for a job through this website, they agree that their application might be processed by the Foundation. The latter might use the personal information given by applicants to treat their application. Applicants have the right to consult, to correct their personal data if needed and to withdraw their consent to the utilization of their personal data. To do so, users can contact the person they sent their application to through the email address they used.

    Finally, some information on this website can be projections about research programs, meetings and scientific events, prizes and grants. These elements are linked to hypothesis which might evolve : fluctuation or cancellation, as the cancellation of a scientific seminar for instance.

  4. Limitations of responsibility

    The Imagine Institute endeavours to maintain as much as possible, the exactness and the update of the information available on the website, which content can be modified by the Foundation at any time and without prior notice. However the Imagine institute can’t guarantee the exactness, the precision, the update or the exhaustiveness of the information available on the website.

    Consequently, and except for damages directly resulting for a serious or deliberate offence, the Imagine Institute accepts no responsibility for :

    • any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omission in the information available on the website;
    • any damage resulting from one’s fraudulent intrusion that led to a modification of the information or the elements available on the website;
    • and more generally, any damage, direct or indirect, whatever its causes, origins, kinds or consequences are; even though the Imagine Foundation would be aware of the probability of such damages, provoked because of: anyone’s access to the website or the impossibility to access it, because of the utilization of the website, including any deterioration or any virus that could infect the user’s computer system, and/or because of the credence accorded to any information coming directly or indirectly from the website.

    The components of the website or of any other website are provided “as it is” without any implicit or explicit guarantee.

  5. Availability of the website

    Users acknowledge that it is technically impossible to maintain the website flawless and that the Imagine Institute can’t undertake to do so; that defects can lead to a temporary unavailability of the website; and that the functioning of the website can be compromised by event and/or elements the Imagine Institute has no control on, such as transmission and communication tools used between users and the Foundation and between the Imagine Institute and other networks.

    The Imagine Institute and/or its suppliers will be able, at any time, to modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the website to perform maintenance, and/or improvements, and/or corrections on the website. The Foundation can’t be held responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of the website.

  6. Legal stipulations
    1. Website Editor

      Imagine – Institute of genetic diseases
      24, boulevard du Montparnasse – 75015 Paris – FRANCE
      Phone: 00 33 (1) 40 61 55 52
      The Imagine Institute is a scientific cooperation foundation, created by a decree of June 15th 2007 and registered under the number 499 166 510 00028 (SIRET).

    2. Publication director and Editorial manager

      Publication director and Editorial manager

      Webmestre : Marie Rannaud

    3. Development of the website


      12 rue de la Bourse – 75002 Paris – Tél +33 (0)1 42 86 63 00

    4. Photography

      Copyright ©Huguette & Prosper
      Ateliers Jean Nouvel, BVFG (Bernard Valéro et Frédéric Gadan)


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