Nathalie Lefort

iPS Platform

Human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have two main properties: self-renewal capacity that can produce unlimited number of undifferentiated cells and pluripotency, which provides the ability to differentiate them into all cell types of the human organism. The iPS platform allows the development of new cellular models for the study of rare diseases. The goals of the platform are three-fold:

  1. The generation and maintenance of iPS cells
  2. The characterization of iPS Cell lines
  3. Users training



The missions of the Platform are :

  • Cellular reprogramming of human somatic cells from patients and healthy donors into iPS cells
  • Expanding, maintaining, and banking of iPS cells
  • Molecular and functional characterization of iPS cells
  • Scientific and technical advice to users
  • Assist users in the design of their project



The IPS platform is equipped with:

  • Three incubators including 1 with tris-gas option for both hypoxic and hyperoxic studies
  • Two class II biological safety cabinets
  • Inverted microscope with phase contrast optics
  • Lynx Dynascope under class II biological safety cabinet
  • Centrifuge