The Director of Institut Imagine relies on a joint Executive Committee composed of researchers and clinicians representing the various research and care programs conducted at Institut Imagine. This Committee was renewed in December 2021 and is composed of eight people.

Imagine Institute

The Executive Committee gathers around Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet, Director of the Institute, directors of laboratories, associated laboratories and clinical services affiliated with the Institute.

Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet, Director of Institut Imagine

Stanislas Lyonnet 2






Dr. Laurent Abel, Director of the Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Laurent Abel 2022






Prof. Nathalie Boddaert, Director of the Image@Imagine associated laboratory

Nathalie Boddaert 2022






Prof. Anita Burgun, head of the affiliated medical informatics department, Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP

Anita Burgun 2022






Prof. Olivier Hermine, Director of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Hematological Disorders and Therapeutic Implications, head of the affiliated adult hematology department, Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP

Olivier Hermine 2022






Dr. Alessandra Pierani, Director of the Laboratory of Genetics and Development of the Cerebral Cortex

Alessandra Pierani 2022






Dr. Frédéric Rieux-Laucat, Director of the laboratory of immunogenetics of pediatric autoimmune diseases

Frédéric Rieux-Laucat






Dr. Sophie Saunier, Director of the Hereditary Kidney Disease Laboratory

Sophie Saunier 2022