A unique care-research continuum to benefit patients

The continuum between Imagine and Necker-Enfants Malades hospital AP-HP was designed to accelerate the provision of innovations for patients.


Every year, a quarter of the 350,000 patients who come through the doors at Necker-Enfants malades hospital AP-HP for a consultation suffer from a genetic disease. It is the leading cause of hospitalization at Necker-Enfants Malades hospital AP-HP.

From this observation came the idea of creating a dedicated space in order to provide optimum management of these pathologies and to accommodate the presence of specialists, researchers and clinicians with the best technological and scientific means to advance research and find new treatments: Imagine Institute.

A reinvented organization for research and care: the “circle” approach

By grouping together researchers, doctors and patients for consultations in the same building at Necker-Enfants Malades hospital AP-HP, Imagine Institute unites all these players and creates favorable conditions to go even further and faster in this “circle” approach: clinical observation, analysis and understanding of the causes and mechanisms of the disease, which encourages the discovery of new diagnostics and new treatments.

Pioneer in Europe, Imagine is one of the rare centers in the world to offer this integrated “doctor-researcher-patient” organization. It is what allowed Imagine to be approved as “University Hospital Institute “ (IHU) in 2011, in the context of the French Investments for the Future Program.

By being on campus at Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades AP-HP, Imagine benefits from considerable expertise acquired over decades by clinicians, and from the input of clinical departments.

Closely linked clinical departments

The clinical departments provide vital expertise in the diagnosis and care of patients with genetic diseases. They are both the starting point and end point of research.


Pierre Quartier dit Maire

Pediatric immunology, hematology and rheumatology

Prof Pierre Quartier dit Maire



Dany Anglicheau

Adult kidney transplantation

Prof Dany Anglicheau




Olivier Hermine

Adult hematology

Prof Olivier Hermine




Olivier Lortholary

Infectious and tropical diseases

Prof Olivier Lortholary




Rémi Salomon

Pediatric nephrology

Prof Rémi Salomon




Federation of medical genetics


Anita Burgun

Medical Informatics

Prof Anita Burgun




Marina Cavazzana

Biotherapy unit / Innovative therapies department

Prof Marina Cavazzana




2 clinical investigation centers

Jean-Marc Tréluyer

Clinical Research Unit-Clinical Investigation Center (CRU-CIC)

Prof Jean-Marc Tréluyer




Marina Cavazzana

Biotherapy unit / Innovative therapies department

Prof Marina Cavazzana