Institut Imagine participates in the Pasteur Paris-University (PPU) program for the recruitment of international doctoral students in collaboration with several Parisian universities.



Who is this program for?

It is intended for students who hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) from a university outside France and who have not worked or resided in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years preceding their recruitment.

Selected students carry out their research in one of Institut Imagine lab:

Liste avec les titres et le contact  puis accès PDF ou page web sur le projet


Why join Institut Imagine?

By joining the program, students gain access to a stimulating and ideal environment for the training and career development of young researchers.

In addition, students can expand their knowledge by taking specialized courses and benefiting from an extensive seminar program with speakers from around the world. Students enrolled in the IMAGINE program will have access to the following activities or workshops offered by the PPU program.

  • Workshop on Integrity and Ethics 
  • Oral presentation
  • French Courses
  • Journal Club
  • Retreat
  • Thematic Club
  • Tutoring
  • Robotics workshop
  • Meeting with the Dean
  • General workshops
  • Other PPU social activities (Luncheons)

The call for applications opens in September and students are selected on a competitive basis. Candidates are first pre-selected by the host laboratories and their applications are then presented to a selection committee.

Candidates selected by the selection committee are then interviewed. Selected students are enrolled in the following October for a three-year contract.

At the end of their studies (usually three years), students support their PhD according to European guidelines.




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