As part of its mission of education and sharing knowledge, Imagine Institute of genetic diseases is delighted to welcome students from high school and college for both work experience and educational programs, and so create or confirm vocations for more young people.


Do work experience at Imagine

Every year, Imagine Institute welcomes undergraduate or graduate students within its research teams or support services in the context of work experience or apprenticeships of variable durations.

High school and college students can also do their work experience within the Institute.

For any requests about work experience, contact:

Consult our vacancies for work experience and jobs.

Be a research apprentice

Since 2013, Imagine has taken part in the Research Apprentices project, developed by Prof. Frédéric Rieux-Laucat, in partnership with the Arbre des Connaissances [Tree of Knowledge association] 

Throughout the school year, scientists at the Institute introduce students to the life of a laboratory, the world of research and they conduct a science project in pairs. Each pair presents their project during the annual Research Apprentices Congress.

Congrès des Apprentis Chercheurs
Congrès des Apprentis Chercheurs