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Supporting Imagine is about giving a real hope of finding a cure to millions of children with a genetic disease, in France and in Europe.


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3 million people in France are affected by genetic diseases and 30,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Genetic diseases are complex, disabling and very difficult to diagnose. The unknown is daunting. When we are unable to identify an illness, the lives of whole families can be turned upside down.

Imagine specializes in genetic diseases. 1,000 of the best doctors, researchers and healthcare staff work together under one roof to discover new and more effective treatments, provide expert treatment and care, listen, and help ease the loneliness and isolation that can afflict families dealing with genetic diseases. A light in the darkness

Help accelerate the discovery of new treatments and build the genomic medicine of the future.

At the cutting edge in nephrology, neurodevelopment, immunology-infectology-gastrology, hematology and development cardiology, Imagine Institute is also working on a major artificial intelligence program to mine clinical and biological data and explore as yet poorly understood aspects of DNA.

Our 2028 goal is to double research programs on disease mechanisms in order to double the number of children diagnosed and treated.

Your donations help us to achieve our goals for 2028

Investing in research, education and care: your donations are in safe hands

Imagine primarily received public funding to create our initial endowment, build the Institute building and fund the work of our research teams. In addition to public funds, we now also rely on the generous support of the public and major sponsors.

As guardians of Imagine Institute’s ethics and excellence, our Board of Trustees and our Scientific Advisory Board ensure that your donations are invested as effectively and transparently as possible.

Our financial statements are audited, certified and disclosed every year by an approved audit firm. They are included in our annual report (click the link below).


Key figures 2018
Key figures 2018

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