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Research: a scientific adventure

Our goal: to better understand genetic diseases to better treat them.

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Associated Laboratories

    N Boddaert

    Pr Nathalie Boddaert and Pr Monica Zilbovicius - Multimodal Brain Imaging Research and 3T Plateform

    Michel Polak
    Michel Polak

    Molecular basis of several congenital or neonatal endocrine disorders and establishment of new therapeutic strategies

    Sabine Sarnacki
    Sabine Sarnacki et Isabelle Bloch

    IMAG2 - Computational anatomy for image-guided minimally invasive surgery in pediatric tumoral and developmental diseases

    Yves Ville
    Yves Ville

    Impact@Imagine – innovative multidisciplinary prenatal approach of congenital diseases and their treatments


Clinical research: accelerating innovation for the benefit of patients

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