They make up the Institute

Above all, the Imagine Institute of genetic diseases is women and men who are fighting to accelerate research into genetic diseases in order to help patients. Research and care teams, clinicians, engineers and technicians, students, administrative personnel and the support staff each play their part in realizing Imagine’s goals.

Imagine Institute

Teams built around patients

Imagine’s strength is bringing research teams, reference centers and clinical departments together around patients with genetic diseases to provide them with better care. The synergy created from having doctors’ and researchers’ expertise and skills in one place inspires our teams to never give up, to form promising collaborations, and to innovate without stopping.



Support teams in support of research and care


Laure Boquet

Under the leadership of Laure Boquet, the Imagine Institute’s support teams’ mission is to help research and care teams, and provide support for the Institute’s technological platforms on a daily basis.





Development and communication

The department plans and leads fundraising operations to accelerate discoveries and their applications through funding for new equipment and strategic recruitments. It also develops stakeholders’ and the general public’s awareness of the Institute.


Laurent Mellier


Head: Laurent Mellier




Innovation, technology transfer and clinical research

The department includes:

  • The innovation and technology transfer department, which identifies medical advances, helps to implement patents and licenses, and identifies potential industrial partners for research and innovative programs.
  • The clinical research department, which facilitates and structures the implementation of clinical research projects in close collaboration with clinical research centers and the clinical research unit.


Romain Marlange

Head: Romain Marlange





Salma Kotti

Director of Clinical Research: Salma Kotti





Human Resources

The department recruits and manages employees of the Imagine Foundation, coordinates the management of human resources with those of our institutional partners.


Emilie Resweber-Gouin

Manager: Emilie Resweber-Gouin





Legal department

The department advises and supports the Institute in legal matters, studies and analyzes legislation, regulations, legal precedents and the law.


Manager: Nathalie Wuylens




Conference center


The conference center is at the heart of the Institute’s scientific life as it hosts most of the conferences, seminars and trainings.

It can also be privatized by sponsors and client partners for scientific or charitable events.




More details on the conference center

For further information on the conference center





The finance department manages the Institute’s budgets, monitors and manages common expenses of the building, and, if necessary, those of the labs and core facilities.


Marie Percevault


Manager: Marie Percevault





The IT department helps teams to use and secure their computer data and ensures that the servers, network and the audiovisual system in the auditorium work correctly.


Jérôme Flatot


Manager: Jérôme Flatot




Hygiene, Safety and Environment

The department ensures compliance with the current hygiene and safety regulations, develops a culture of standards, fosters dynamic sustainable development and attends to quality procedures.



Manager: Anne-Marie Laurencine



Internal departments

The department ensures the proper functioning of the warehouse and laundry, and organizes the supply of nitrogen. It coordinates the proper management of the equipment and shared spaces.


Cécile Bureau


Manager: Cécile Bureau




Operations department

The department maintains the infrastructure and the building and coordinates operations of technical service providers.


Stéphane Paillet


Manaher: Stéphane Paillet





Index égalité FEMMES-HOMMES de la fondation Imagine

En application de la loi Avenir professionnel du 5 septembre 2018, Imagine publie le résultat de son index égalité femmes-hommes au sein de la fondation Imagine.

L’index égalité Femmes-Hommes au sein de la fondation Imagine est de 83 points sur 100. « C’est un résultat très satisfaisant, note Laure Boquet déléguée générale de l’Institut Imagine. Mais nous devons poursuivre en ce sens et ainsi réaffirmer notre volonté de garantir l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes et de promouvoir la diversité et la mixité professionnelle. »

Pour en savoir

Cet index évalue l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes au sein des sociétés sous la forme d’une note globale sur 100 points, que chaque entreprise calcule à partir des 4 indicateurs suivants :

  • Ecart de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes
  • Ecart dans la proportion de femmes et d’hommes augmentés
  • Pourcentage de salariées augmentées à leur retour de congé maternité
  • Nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté dans les 10 plus hautes rémunérations


En deçà du seuil de 75 points, l’entreprise doit définir et mettre en œuvre des mesures correctives dans un délai de trois ans.