Computational Biologist position @ the Imagine single-cell platform

A Computational Biologist position is available within the single-cell platform, headed by Dr Mickaël Ménager at the Imagine Institute in Paris, France

Accélérer la recherche

Following the obtention of fundings from region Ile-de-France, SESAME Filière PIA, the Imagine Institute is opening in April a single-cell platform accessible to both industrial and academic research teams. We will propose several protocols mostly based on 10X genomics technology: single-cell 3’ transcriptomic; single-cell transcriptomic coupled with barcoded antibodies (CITE-seq), single-cell transcriptomic coupled with VDJ sequencing, single-cell chromatin accessibility (sc-ATAC-seq) and newly released single-cell technologies such as spatial transcriptomic. Single-cell libraries will be generated and also analyzed within the context of our single-cell platform.

The Imagine Institute represents a unique setting in which to develop such technological platform, which will mostly receive projects related to human diseases, with ample opportunity for collaborations with national and international top-level scientists and clinicians, both from academics and industrial affiliations. 

Expectations of the current post

The computational Biologist will be expected to set up and optimize pipelines to analyze all the different protocols mentioned above. In collaboration with the bioinformatic platform, @ Imagine Institute, he will have to process data generated from the sequencing of single-cell libraries and deliver single-cell clustering analyses coupled with differential gene expressions.



We are looking for a highly motivated computational biologist (PhD/engineer diploma or master degree in bioinformatics) with a proven track-record of independent working. The candidate must have first-class skills in mastering open-source packages for single-cell analyses such as SEURAT, Monocle, MNN, Velocyto and others. Candidates with extensive knowledge in programming languages (R, Python, Perl…), NGS (STAR, Trinity, picard, samtools, DEseq, EdgeR, CellRanger, Juicebox…) are strongly encouraged to apply. Knowledge of Immunology in general would be ideal.


Salary and length of contract

The contract will initially be for 36 months, with the possibility of an extension The salary will be established based on experience.


Application details

Applications in English including a letter of motivation, a detailed CV and contacts of appropriate referees should be sent to Mickael Ménager with the reference Imagine_171.