Intracellular offspring released from SFB filaments are flagellated.

Nkamba I, Mulet C, Dubey GP, Gorgette O, Couesnon A, Salles A, Moya-Nilges M, Jung V, Gaboriau-Routhiau V, Guerrera IC, Shima T, Umesaki Y, Nigro G, Krijnse-Locker J, Bérard M, Cerf-Bensussan N, Sansonetti PJ, Schnupf P.

Source :

Nat Microbiol

2019 déc 10

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The gut commensal segmented filamentous bacterium (SFB) attaches to the ileal epithelium and potently stimulates the host immune system. Using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), we show that mouse and rat SFB are flagellated above the concave tip at the unicellular intracellular offspring (IO) stage and that flagellation occurs prior to full IO differentiation and release of IOs from SFB filaments. This finding adds a missing link to the SFB life cycle.

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