Panagiotis Antoniou

Etudiant en thèse | Annarita Miccio




Panagiotis graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He first obtained a bachelor degree in Biology, with his thesis being focused on MAPK kinases’ responses to oxidative and osmotic stress in cardiac myocytes. During his Master studies, he entered the field of gene therapy, using a lentiviral vector to treat β-thalassemia in vivo in a mouse model. He obtained a Master degree in Molecular Medicine in 2017. He joined the laboratory of Dr. Annarita Miccio in 2018 entering the Bio Sorbonne Paris Cite’ PhD program. His project is focused on base editing approaches for the treatment of genetic diseases.

Activite de laboratoire

La recherche : une aventure scientifique

Notre objectif : mieux comprendre les maladies génétiques pour mieux les soigner.