Anne-Marie Laurencine, Hygiene, Safety and Environment Coordinator

Anne-Marie Laurencine joined Imagine in September 2018, as Hygiene, Safety and Environment Coordinator. She talks to us about her missions within the Institute and her journey.

Published on 14.02.2019

Imagine Institute

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Can you tell us about your experience?

From the start, my journey has had a leaning towards science. After training in cellular and molecular biology, I worked on a high-throughput sequencing platform within the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). After retraining, I was responsible for the QSE mission (Quality, Safety, Environment) in a service company, before joining Imagine in September.

Why Imagine?

For me, Imagine was an obvious choice because of its very exciting scientific and technological excellence, and the values of the Institute, which are close to my own.

For what reasons can we call on you?

My role is to support the staff with everything that affects health, safety, and the environment. I give guidance and procedures on issues about health and accidents at work for example, on safety protocols related to lab work, evacuations and fires, first aid, on types of products and gloves; I do reports and requests for approval on GMOs; I provide the monitoring of machines, service providers, etc. Waste management, hazardous and non-hazardous, is also an important part of my job, it is necessary to ensure the safety and monitoring of it.

I carry out my missions in coordination with the departments at the Institute - management, human resources, internal departments, service department -, laboratories and platforms, but also with external providers and suppliers. I work in connection with teams of prevention assistants and first aid officers organized step by step.

This diversity of contacts and missions is very rewarding and allows you to stay open-minded and curious.