Becoming a Major Donor at Imagine Institute is to commit with us and contribute to research, education and care programs at the Institute, changing the lives of children and families affected by genetic diseases. At Imagine, Major Donors have dedicated contacts and benefit from a personalized recognition program.


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Laurent Mellier

Laurent Mellier

Director of Development and Communications

How to become a Major Donor ?

Imagine Institute is authorized to receive donations, legacies and gifts, from both individuals and companies.

Imagine will launch a Major Donor Campaign by Q4 2020, in which you can already take part.

Being a Major Donor is about joining all the teams at Imagine, who work to accelerate research on genetic diseases every day. It’s about being part of the success which will provide innovative care to millions of children with genetic diseases. It’s about being a player in the discoveries which will change the lives of sick children and their families.

Major Donor categories and the related recognition program will be published on this page when the Campaign is officially open.

Starting today, every person that commits to a minimum of €25k (to give over a maximum of 5 years) will be considered as a Major Donor of Imagine Institute and will benefit from this recognition program if they want to. For this reason, they will receive the bi-monthly electronic newsletter and the annual report presenting the projects funded thanks to their donations and scientific advances at the Institute.

Imagine’s development team is available to discuss the projects that will be funded through this campaign, and to support you in the most suitable donation method for your situation. A visit to the Institute including a meeting with a research team can be scheduled in this context on request.