Call for applications 2021 MD, PharmD, VetD-PhD Program Imagine Institute

The Health-Science Program (MD, PharmD, VetD-PhD) of the Imagine University Hospital Institute is intended to support young doctors or pharmacists in their research projects, within the framework of a science thesis (between the 1st and 4th year), and thus to be able to give them the means to better envisage a medical or pharmaceutical and scientific career.    

Published on 10.02.2020


This program provides funding for host positions in the research laboratories that make up IHU Imagine. To find out more about these teams, you can consult the website and our 2019 annual report.

The duration of the grant is three years.

The person in charge of the program is Dr. Rieux-Laucat. 


Applicants must be : 

  • Interns or former interns, (AAHU, CCA) having validated their internship for a maximum of 5 years by November 1st, 2021.
  • In medicine, pharmacy, dentistry or veterinary medicine, 
  • Holders of a Research Master's degree and as of November 1st 2021
  • Registered (or register) in University thesis.

Interns must be in progress or at the end of their internship. Assistants (AHU and CCA) must have validated their entire internship for a maximum of 6 years by November 1, 2021. The thesis of practice of medicine or pharmacy or veterinary is not required for interns.

The host laboratory must imperatively be a research team of IHU Imagine. 

Veterinarians must have held the Diploma of Fundamental Veterinary Studies (DEFV) for less than five years, or a Research Master's degree by November 1, 2021.

Examination of applications

La sélection des candidats portera sur l’examen du dossier de candidature et sur une audition par un comité ad hoc, composé de médecins et chercheurs de l’IHU Imagine. Un jury différent sera mis en place chaque année en fonction des candidatures reçues, afin d’éviter tout conflit d’intérêt. Le recours à des membres extérieurs à l’IHU Imagine est possible. En cas de nombreuses candidatures, une présélection par seul examen des dossiers est envisageable.

The file will contain the following information :

  • A CV of the candidate detailing his/her current situation and eligibility (2 pages)
  • A list of the candidate's works and publications (2 pages)
  • A research project of no more than 5 pages, including tables, figures and references, according to a standard outline:
  1. Summary (10 lines in English and French)
  2. Status of the subject and preliminary results
  3. Questions or hypotheses
  4. Research Program
  5. Expected impacts and conclusions
  • A brief CV of the thesis supervisor (1 page)
  • A list of the five best publications of the host team (2015-2020)
  • A letter of support from the Director of the Imagine Institute's Host Lab.

The 30-minute auditions will include:

  • A 10-minute presentation, with video projection, during which the candidate will summarize his or her background and previous work, present the research project and explain to the jury the interest of the project for his or her training and career development,
  • A 20-minute interview with the audition jury.

The following criteria will govern the ranking of candidates :

  • Scientific quality, feasibility and originality of the research project,
  • Quality of the candidate's personal project and suitability to that of the laboratory,
  • Candidate's background, research and publications,
  • Adequacy of the project to IHU missions,
  • Professional project envisaged after the thesis.

The results (list of pre-selected candidates and list of laureates) will be mailed to the candidates and published on the IHU Imagine website.

2021 planning


Deadline for applications

Tuesday, May 1O, noon


Thursday, July 1st 2021


Tuesday, July 7 2021

Joining an Imagine team

Monday, November 1st 2021

Recruitment methods, remuneration, obligations

The contract will be set up and managed by IHU Imagine in the form of a fixed-term contract.    

This contract may be renewed for an additional year, after audition and evaluation, but without competition with new applicants.

The remuneration is 2,000 € net per month. 

Successful candidates undertake to present the progress of their work, assisted by their tutor, 12 months and 24 months after the beginning of the contract.

For any question related to the call for tender, please write to

Application form to be sent

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