Discover our web-conferences dedicated to rare diseases in replay

On the occasion of the International Rare Diseases Day on February 28, 2021, Institut Imagine, together with Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP and the rare diseases expertise platform, organized a weekend entirely dedicated to rare diseases and offered 12 thematic web-conferences. A look back on a weekend rich in information and discussions.

Published on 05.03.2021

Research Acceleration

On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February, nearly 600 of you came to the virtual meeting of researchers, physicians and physician-researchers from Institut Imagine, Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP and its rare disease reference centers and clinical services affiliated with the Institute, as well as patient associations. The 38 speakers answered the families questions on a variety of topics during 12 45-minute web-conferences.

Conf JMR large
Conférence sur les maladies mitochondriales

For all those who could not connect or who wish to listen again, find the links to all the conferences here:

- Immune deficiencies

- Inflammatory bowel diseases in children

- Genetic ophthalmic diseases and retinal dystrophies

- Congenital heart diseases

- Rare Epilepsies

- Inner Language, Disability and Pain

- Mitochondrial diseases

- Bone diseases

- The genetics of diseases: advice, transmission, tests

- Genetics for children

- Sickle cell disease

- Neurodevelopmental disorders, chromosomal abnormalities and intellectual disabilities

The originality and strength of Institut Imagine is to bring together in the same place, around patients, all the expertise in research, clinical research and technology. At the heart of the Necker campus, the Institute benefits from the skills of the physicians, rare disease reference centers and affiliated clinical services of Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades AP-HP.