Donor Testimonial: André A.

I have been a loyal donor to the Imagine Institute since 2014 because I have strong confidence in the effectiveness of its model bringing patients, physicians and researchers together in one place. As a physician, I believe this is how we save time. And as a donor, I believe that Imagine does everything possible to ensure that my donations are put to the best use for children with genetic diseases.

Published on 27.04.2020


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In 2014, I decided to become a donor to the Imagine Institute. Since then, every year I renew my donation to support the researchers. What first convinced me was an article in the newspaper Le Monde in which Professor Alain Fischer, one of the founders of the Imagine Institute, expressed his vision of the research conducted at Imagine. I felt the incredible charisma of this man in addition to his scientific qualities.

He explained that in order to accelerate research and find treatments for sick children, it was important that patients, doctors and researchers be brought together in one place. As a doctor, I found this speech very powerful. Indeed, I think that it is through direct contact with children that researchers can really see the medical problems. It is by improving this understanding that they increase the chance of finding effective solutions.

I remember sending a message to the Institute explaining my pleasure in supporting researchers who find! We regularly receive information illustrating the progress of the Institute's research, and one made a big impact on me in 2018: the 1st worldwide success of a gene therapy treatment for a child with beta-thalassemia. This discovery is crucial for the health of millions of people around the world. I hope that with my support, the Imagine Institute will be able to make many more.

Imagine is very close to my heart, as it is to other charities I support, because I can clearly see that my money is being used effectively. And as a donor, I feel that this is very important.