Entrepreneurs and friends of Imagine - Working together to change the lives of children and families affected by genetic diseases

Eric PERRIER, Co-founder and CEO of the company VISEO, is the initiator of the Imagine Friendly Entrepreneurs initiative. Their objective is to support research projects in a concrete way and to inspire other entrepreneurs to commit themselves to children suffering from genetic diseases.

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As an entrepreneur, I am convinced that entrepreneurial audacity should not only be expressed for professional purposes but also for the common good. As citizens, we can also play a societal role, for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the general interest.

In this approach I have chosen to personally support Institut Imagine and its work on learning disabilities.

Eric Perrier 2
Eric Perrier

Tout est né de la force d’une expérience. Celle que j’ai eu en tant que parent à voir évoluer dans un même lieu enfants et chercheurs, qui se nourrissent les uns des autres en temps réel, pour mieux comprendre et soigner les maladies génétiques, pour appréhender la recherche d’une façon différente, unique, avec beaucoup de pragmatisme.

Eric Perrier
Co-founder and CEO of the company VISEO

Because the fight against learning disabilities is a major public health issue, and because it is fundamental for our children and families to better understand how these diseases, which may have a genetic origin, work, I am mobilizing on a daily basis by developing the network of Entrepreneurs Friends of Imagine.  The objective is to financially support research via sponsorship, to accelerate it, thanks to a network of entrepreneurs mobilized around a common project.

The reasons for each entrepreneur's commitment will always be very personal, but it is certain that being in a group is an incredibly rich experience that allows for beautiful encounters and forges strong human bonds. For each entrepreneur, philanthropic involvement is a way to enhance their company's employer brand, to develop new dynamics with their shareholders or associates, and to unite and engage their employees, clients and, above all, their family and friends.

The strength of our network is also that we can regularly meet at the heart of the Imagine Institute to go directly to the researchers, to follow their work, to understand and measure the real impact that our support allows to accomplish on a daily basis.

In France, these initiatives are encouraged by attractive tax measures: corporate philanthropy benefits from a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation up to a limit of 0.5% of the turnover excluding taxes.

If you would like to know more about the positive impact of corporate philanthropy in the life of an entrepreneur, please contact me: Eric Perrier, CEO of Viseo - eric.perrier@viseo.com

Or directly Laurent Mellier, Director of Development and International Philanthropy at Imagine - laurent.mellier@institutimagine.org