Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine 2022 - Prof. Alain Fischer distinguished for his research in immunology

Already honored in 1998 for his scientific research with the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine, Prof. Alain Fischer, physician, researcher, professor of pediatric immunology and first director of Institut Imagine (AP-HP, Inserm, Université Paris Cité), received the Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine for all the advances he has made in the field of clinical immunology through his 40 years of research.

Published on 12.05.2022

Research Acceleration

He and his teams have devoted all of their research to understanding and finding therapeutic solutions for genetic immunodeficiencies. These pathologies are rare, extremely diverse and can have fatal consequences for those affected. While some genetic immunodeficiencies manifest themselves in childhood, others are only triggered in adulthood by certain factors.

Pr Alain Fischer

The knowledge gained from his work has also opened the way to new therapeutic approaches such as gene therapy and stem cell transplantation, which are still being researched.

With this prize, Prof. Alain Fischer obtains a 30,000 euro scholarship that he can award to a young researcher of his choice.

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