IFI: Your tax dollars at work for children with genetic diseases

By making a tax-deductible donation on your 2020 estate tax, you can contribute to the Imagine Institute's research programs and help children and families affected by genetic diseases.

Published on 16.04.2019


Maître Bertrand Maury, notary at Panhard & Associés, explains how to transform your taxes into generosity in the service of research and care at Imagine.

What is the IFI system today?

B.M : The replacement of the ISF by the IFI has not changed the tax deductions granted. Consequently, 75% of the amount of your donation is deductible from your IFI, up to a limit of €50,000 per year (i.e. a payment of €66,667). In the end, the real "cost" of supporting IMAGINE is only 25%.

An example: for a taxable estate of 1.500.000 €, i.e. a tax of 3.900 €, with a donation of 5.000 €, of which 75% is deductible, this represents a tax reduction of 3.750 € and therefore a remaining IFI of 150 €!

When can I make a donation? 

B.M : Before the deadline for tax declaration, between May 21 and June 4 for internet declarations and depending on your place of residence.

What can I donate?

B.M : Sums of money, company shares, works of art, real estate, in full ownership but also in temporary usufruct (donation of the income of the goods during a determined period). In the case of a donation of real estate income, in addition to the immediate tax reduction, it should be noted that the property is not included in the IFI taxable base during the specified period.

For more information, please contact Julien Lamy, Head of Philanthropy.