The Imagine Institute launches a campaign to raise awareness of genetic diseases

"Every day, 64 babies are born with a genetic disease" is the main message of this campaign, which aims to bring the subject of genetic diseases and research to the attention of the general public, and to raise awareness of Institut Imagine, the world's leading centre for research, care and teaching on genetic diseases. Launched in September 2022, this campaign was conceived and created as a skills-based sponsorship by the Havas communications group, a long-time supporter of Institut Imagine.

Published on 13.09.2022

Imagine Institute

A multi-channel campaign

In order to reach the greatest number of people, the campaign is deployed on several communication channels:

  • A commercial featuring a series of births, featuring the voice of comedian Gad Elmaleh, who has supported the Imagine Institute for several years (notably during its Heroes auction). It is broadcast on the web, TV and radio

  • Posters in the city, on bus shelters and in various media
Planches affichage campagne

Raising awareness and providing information: a key mission of Institut Imagine

With 3 million people affected in France and 30,000 new cases diagnosed each year, genetic diseases are complex, often disabling and very difficult to diagnose. 8,000 genetic diseases have been identified to date and new ones are being discovered every day. One child out of two has no diagnosis and 85% of the diseases still have no specific treatment. The mission of researchers and physicians is to understand and cure these diseases.

One of the roles of the Institute is to transmit knowledge to patients, families and the general public, to tell them what they do or do not do, know or do not know. Information and dialogue are essential to raise awareness of this public health emergency, of research, and to publicize and understand the Institute's projects and advances. It is within the framework of this mission of openness, transmission and the Institute's societal program that this campaign is being carried out and that the Institute regularly opens its doors to the public (as for the Fête de la Science).