International programs

The first European center for research, education and care on genetic diseases, Imagine, endeavors to attract talent from around the world and to showcase advances in research on an international scale.


With around 20% of its members being foreign nationals from over 30 countries, the Institute aims to become increasingly open to the world through international collaboration and high quality classes and conferences.


Classes, conferences and international programs

Every year, the Imagine Institute for genetic diseases organizes or participates in a wide range of international conferences and classes.

The Institute’s conference center hosts over 40 conferences, scientific talks and symposiums annually, during which Imagine researchers from the Necker-Enfants malades hospital AP-HP campus, as well as researchers invited from France and abroad share their advances and discuss scientific issues in order to accelerate breakthroughs.

Since 2017, Imagine has hosted the Eurordis Winter School on Scientific Innovation and Translational Research. The Institute, in partnership with Medicen Paris Region and the Greater Paris Region, has also organized and hosted the first major conferences aimed at bringing together the leading experts and key players in gene therapy: Gene Therapy Partnering Day and Gene Therapy for Rare Monogenic Diseases.

In parallel with this, Institute members are involved in many international congresses each year.


International PhD program

The program, which is supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation , offers doctoral scholarships and is open to highly motivated talented students internationally. Candidates must hold a full master’s in research from a university outside of France. Successful candidates join the University of Paris doctoral schools and are welcomed into an Imagine research team.

Tenders and application forms are available here.


International academic collaborations

The Imagine Institute for genetic diseases has initiated a partnership with Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha and signed a collaboration agreement with the Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center (GWCMC) in China. Imagine will welcome 4 PhD and post-doc candidates preselected by the Chinese Academy of Medicine and the University of Doha into its laboratories each year, starting in 2019.

A Memorandum of Understanding on future scientific and academic collaborations was also signed with His Highness Prince Turki Bin Saud, president of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.