Le Bon Marché x Imagine: a 3-dimensional partnership lights up the end of the year

Rounding up for solidarity at the checkout, selling teddy bears and an exceptional auction: for the holiday season and in keeping with the values defended by the Le Bon Marché Group, Laurence Dekowski, Director of the Children's and Lingerie Department, and Olivier Di Maggio, Director of Customer Relations, have led the implementation of an unprecedented partnership with the Imagine Institute. Through their words, discover how a simple idea and a lot of commitment have resulted in a large-scale partnership that mobilizes all the group's employees, as well as Le Bon Marché's customers.

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When Patrice Wagner, CEO of the Le Bon Marché Group, asked us to deploy and pilot a partnership with Institut Imagine, we were immediately convinced by the logic of this commitment.

Indeed, since its creation, Le Bon Marché has been very much involved in social causes, and particularly in supporting health and children. Its founder, Marguerite Boucicaut, did a lot for social works and bequeathed part of her fortune to the Assistance Publique (AP-HP). Supporting children suffering from genetic diseases was therefore an immediate concern for us, but also for all our employees. Finally, Le Bon Marché and Institut Imagine are geographically close to each other, and supporting an Institute that is close to us and therefore to our customers was important.

We had little time to launch the partnership, but all the teams at Institut Imagine and Le Bon Marché showed great responsiveness and enthusiasm in building it together. The result today is a strong operation, full of meaning, mobilizing all the employees of Le Bon Marché and of which we are very proud.

The partnership began with the Teddy Riner teddy bear currently on sale at Le Bon Marché, with 100% of the profits going to the Imagine Institute.

Ourson LBM

But, in order to raise a maximum of funds for research, we really wanted to go beyond this first operation. So, very quickly, with the Institute, the idea of organizing an auction in partnership with Drouot Estimations for the benefit of sick children emerged.

Quite naturally, we proposed to Teddy Riner, patron of the Imagine Institute, to host the sale which will take place in the store and online. He not only accepted but also offered unique lots that are dear to him, which will be signed for the occasion, as well as exceptional moments that buyers will be able to spend with him. Teddy Riner is an outstanding champion with a big heart. He is a personality that brings people together. It is a chance to welcome him at Le Bon Marché.

Vente LBM Teddy

The relationship we have with our customers is unique. We know that they don't come to Bon Marché just for our products. They are looking for that rare and precious extra soul that we strive to create, especially during the holidays. Institut Imagine carries these very dimensions of the rare and precious in its signature. Its mission to change the lives of children and their families living with genetic diseases touches us deeply. We were convinced that our clients would also be sensitive to this.

That's why we decided to go even further with Imagine, by implementing rounding up at the checkout with our partner MicroDon in our three major stores: Le Bon Marché, La Grande Epicerie Rive Droite and La Grande Epicerie Rive Gauche. Thus, between November 15 and December 31, our customers have the opportunity to make a donation to the Imagine Institute in addition to their purchase. The teams, in direct contact with customers, have been specifically trained to talk about the Imagine Institute and to answer any questions. In one of our internal newsletters, Teddy Riner even made a special video to thank all the employees for their commitment!

Arrondi solidaire LBM Teddy

The mobilization today is really complete around the same cause and this can be felt in the complete adhesion of our customers. We appreciate it every day through their positive feedback and especially through the generosity they show.

This partnership gives infinite meaning to our business. For us, who managed the project, but also for all the teams at Le Bon Marché. We are happy and very proud to be involved with Imagine.


Laurence Dekowski - Director of the children's and lingerie department

Olivier Di Maggio - Director of customer relations