Maison Alaïa, a loyal supporter of Imagine

On the occasion of the opening of its Petite Boutique in Paris on July 10, Alaïa once again made a commitment to Imagine by donating all proceeds from the sale of old collections entrusted by the Friends of the House to the Imagine Institute

Published on 15.07.2020


In the Petite Boutique, located at 5 rue de Moussy, next to the Grande Boutique, you will find pieces from old collections as well as pieces entrusted by Friends of the House.

As for the pieces entrusted by Friends of the House, each of which has a story to tell, all the profits from the sale of these pieces will be donated to the Imagine Institute. In this way, transmission and heritage, notions dear to the House of Alaïa but also at the heart of Imagine's research, are combined in this unique and exceptional operation.

This first sale to benefit Imagine will be launched on July 10th. Friends of the House who are committed to the Institute have already donated a few pieces from their wardrobes, which will be sold on this occasion.

This operation touches us enormously, on behalf of our very first sponsor. It is based on the notions of heritage, cross-fertilization and transmission, which are very meaningful for us geneticists. It is a perfect illustration of the shared history of our two worlds, fashion and science, like those of two families united in excellence.  

Pr Stanislas Lyonnet , Director of Institut Imagine

This is not the first time that Alaïa is committed to Imagine: in 2011, the first sale was organized by Alaïa, which has since become one of Imagine's loyal supporters.


Appointment at the Petite Boutique : 5 rue de Moussy 75004 Paris from Tuesday to Saturday from 11h-13h/ 14h-19h or online