Only medical research can give us real hope

Anne Meniel explains why she chose to give to Imagine.

Published on 12.09.2019


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“I visited Imagine Institute for the first time in the context of a meeting with the Association de Gérants De Patrimoine Privés (AGPP) [Association of Private Asset Managers]. We were accompanied by Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet [director of Imagine Institute Ed.] to all the research laboratories. With economic and financial training, I always looked to give my investments meaning and effectiveness.


I am particularly sensitive to the medical world because a large part of my family are doctors (my mother created, within the Ministry of Health, a medical cooperation service for foreign students and researchers wanting to work in the leading sectors in French hospitals). In a troubled and disordered world, only medical research can give us real hope. The results are coming together at Imagine and help improve the way of life for a large number of young patients with genetic disease.

I am very sensitive to the transparency and governance of your Foundation. Discussions with prestigious donors on this “major donors” evening reassured me in my choice.

In September I will start a control mission within the Association Don en Confiance [Donate in confidence].”

Anne Meniel