Partnership research - Imagine launches a website dedicated to industrialists

As the leading European center for research, teaching and care of genetic diseases, the mission of the university hospital institut Imagine, which was awarded the Carnot label in February 2020, is to accelerate research and transform the results obtained into innovations useful to patients. To generate new opportunities for partnerships with the private sector, which is essential to therapeutic innovation, Imagine is launching a website presenting the expertise and resources that can be made available (cell lines, in vitro and in vivo models, clinical resources, technological platforms, etc.). The Institute is thus completing its development of partnerships, public-private cooperation, and value creation for the benefit of patients.

Published on 10.06.2020


Academic research laboratories often have living treasures in their freezers or on their benches. They develop expertise and research tools that, when used in collaboration with private research teams, can accelerate work and produce the innovations expected by patients. Medical teams also have access to clinical resources that are often little known, in particular, for those that make up Imagine, exceptional cohorts, where fine phenotyping and high-throughput genotyping coexist, in the field of genetic diseases, often rare; or a data warehouse in research mode (DrWareHouse). The development of research activities in partnership with industry is one of the main missions of Imagine, which has been awarded the IHU (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire) and Carnot labels, as it is inseparable from the discovery and development of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations.

Today, to make its offer more visible to potential industrial partners, the Institute has created a dedicated website, which lists all of its resources and preclinical and clinical expertise, as well as current partnership opportunities, presented by therapeutic area and pathology. This simple and intuitive tool provides an overview of cellular and in vivo models, samples and patient cohorts, know-how and patents, etc., that are available in the Institute's research laboratories, rare disease reference centers, clinical services and technological platforms for R&D partnerships.  



"The goal is to generate new opportunities for industrial partnerships, for the benefit of patients. Our institute, which has just received Carnot accreditation, is already connected to more than 300 industrialists and investors worldwide, and has been involved in 280 R&D partnerships since 2012. With the increased visibility and attractiveness of our resources and expertise, we hope to increase our partnership research activities by 25% in 4 years. Our prospects and industrial partners also have the guarantee, through the Carnot label, that projects are investigated and conducted according to best practices," explains Romain Marlange, Director of the Innovation and Valorisation Department.


Imagine, a recognized research partnership


The Institute - the only one of its kind in the world in the field of genetic diseases - brings together 1,000 experts in 28 laboratories of excellence (INSERM and the University of Paris), 25 nationally recognized clinical reference centers, 6 hospital departments on the Necker-Enfants malades campus (APHP), and 15 technological platforms - all of which are involved in the development of nearly 380 innovative solutions, a quarter of which come from the Institute's own basic research activities. These projects are at stages of development ranging from preclinical to phase 3 clinical trials. This substantial flow of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations requires years of development, significant funding and the implementation of industrial partnerships, which are essential to ultimately make these innovations available to patients. After receiving the Tremplin Carnot label from 2016 to 2019, Imagine was awarded the Institut Carnot label in February 2020, in recognition of this partnership dynamic.


Imagine, accredited as a Carnot Institute in February 2020


The launch of the website dedicated to industrialists completes an integrated partnership development and value creation program, including the creation and reinforcement of a team of business developers and therapeutic innovation professionals, and the support of pre-maturation projects aimed at providing private partners with the proof of concept elements they may expect.

In order to initiate and accelerate projects with high innovation potential, Imagine also has programs such as Springboard, the first start-up gas pedal in the field of rare genetic diseases; Lab-in-labs, a platform for hosting innovative companies located in the heart of laboratories; and finally Bioentrepreneurs Launchpad, dedicated to training entrepreneurs alongside researchers.



Since 2012 creation of the Imagine Institute:

  • 280 R&D partnership agreements signed with industry
  • 60 patents filed
  • 12 licenses signed with industrial partners
  • 10 start-ups created