Taxation: The gift in kind

As a Foundation, the Imagine Institute is authorized to receive donations in kind from companies and to issue tax receipts.

Published on 03.07.2020


Cash donations allow the Imagine Institute to accelerate research on genetic diseases. Thanks to the support of its donors, Imagine is able to bring answers faster to children and families affected by genetic diseases.

But there is another form of donation that can contribute to our mission: in-kind donations. This is a non-financial contribution in the form of goods. During the COVID crisis, this type of donation was crucial: the companies LVMH, Guerlain and the pharmacy Pharmavance Escudier allowed our researchers to gradually resume their activities in complete safety thanks to donations of masks and tubes of hydroalcoholic solution. Once again, a big thank you to them!

As a Foundation, Institut Imagine is authorized to receive donations in kind and to issue tax receipts.

Mostly made by companies, a donation in kind to the Institute entitles the donor to a corporate tax reduction of 60% up to a limit of €20,000, or 0.5% of the company's turnover excluding tax. The tax reduction rate increases to 40% for the fraction of the donation exceeding €2 million. The evaluation of the donation is based on the cost of the donated good (costs actually incurred by the company to acquire or produce the good)

The valuation of the donation is always the responsibility of the donor and not the recipient of the donation.

If you would like more information about donating to the Institut Imagine, Julien LAMY is available to advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact him directly at 01 42 75 44 67.