Teddy Riner supports Imagine in a national fundraising campaign

An unwavering supporter of the Imagine Institute since 2012, Teddy Riner has produced a poster campaign and recorded two radio spots to promote the institute's work on behalf of genetic diseases.

Published on 26.02.2020


In order to help the Imagine Institute increase its notoriety and raise funds, our sponsor Teddy Riner has created a fundraising campaign for Imagine.


Within this framework, Teddy recorded two radio spots as well as a visual which is displayed from February 5 to March 3 in bus shelters in the regions, electronic bus shelter screens in Paris, and in the press.

© Yann Le Pape et Apollon


Two radio spots for Imagine

"Hello, this is Teddy Riner!

2.04m and 139kg. But there, I don't have the weight.

Because there are more than 6 000 opponents...

More than 6,000 genetic diseases that researchers, doctors, patients and their families fight every day at the Imagine Institute.

So help them, help us by making a donation on Institutimagine.org "



"Hello, this is Teddy Riner!

World champion, European champion, Olympic champion...

But I can't do it alone, I need your help.

In France, there are 3 million children who suffer from very disabling genetic diseases.

So, let's help the Imagine Institute, let's help the researchers, the doctors, the patients and their families... by making a donation on Institutimagine.org "