Testimony of Amélie de Bourbon Parme - Havas, supports Imagine through a sponsorship of competence

Amélie de Bourbon Parme, Associate Director of Havas Paris, talks about her agency's commitment to skill-based sponsorship, but also about her personal mobilization and that of her teams to support research for children with genetic diseases.

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The Havas Paris agency has been by the side of Institut Imagine since its creation. In fact, it was one of the Havas consultants who designed the logo for the Imagine Institute. When I talk to him today, we talk about the link between us and I know that he has fond memories of this commitment. I sincerely believe that we all need to have missions that give meaning to our work and it is a very good thing that Havas offers this to all employees.

At the end of 2020, when the Imagine Institute asked Havas to work with them on their 2021 greetings card, I found the challenge exciting. I didn't know the medical world very well but I immediately wanted to be part of the adventure. So I led the project within the agency by mobilizing as many employees and expertise as possible.

The support for the approach and the values of hope promoted by the Institute was immediate. The "publishing" department, which I had asked to produce 2 or 3 versions, immediately took up the subject. In the end, the consultants produced more than 10 different proposals. It was really a great moment of exchange within the team. Once the creation was validated with the Imagine Institute, our "digital" department took over and proposed a digital version of the greeting card.

In the end, the responsiveness was incredible in this very busy end-of-year period and, above all, this type of commitment allows us to work in a different atmosphere from the one we experience on a daily basis for our clients. It's very rewarding.

Carte de voeux Imagine/Havas 2021
Carte de voeux Imagine/Havas 2021

To provide a framework for this sponsorship of skills[1] with the Imagine Institute, Havas Paris has signed an agreement, which formalizes the company's long-term commitment and allows us to promote this partnership in our communications. Indeed, if doing things for free or voluntarily has an obvious moral value, the image conveyed is also of real interest for the company. Moreover, to continue in this direction, the Havas Paris agency is going to compete for the Bcorp[2] label and in this context the commitment of employees is a very important criterion.

It is a great pride to put my skills at the service of Health to move the lines at my level. I think that companies that are not yet committed to this approach are really missing out.

Amélie de Bourbon Parme
Directrice associée Havas Paris

[1] For companies, skills sponsorship consists of making employees available during their working hours to carry out actions of general interest.

[2] The Bcorp label certifies companies that integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and operations.