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Full Professor in Developmental Neuropsychology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris - Paris Descartes, and senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF), Affiliated to Imagine Institute (Endocrinological Pediatric), and to Research Institute in Public Health (IReSP) ; Clinical Neuropsychologist at Necker-Enfants-Malades Hospital, AP-HP.5, Paris.

Leader of the research team NTDA «Neurodevelopment and learning disabilities »in Inserm Unit 1178-1018-CESP.


Area of expertises focus on the field of the neuro-developmental knowledges on children, from neonate to adolescent, from normal to pathology, with a transactional clinical assessment (on neuromotor, neuropsychological and psychopathological investigations), based on a fine semiology with new neuro-developmental standardized assessments and on environmental factors in a way to understand conditions and processes of developmental trajectories in which appear functioning and dysfunctioning.

The aims being first to understand the underlying cerebral mechanism, the nature and the origin of an eventual disorder with the identification of homogeneous neurodevelopmental profiles in order to enhance the knowledge from a physiological or pathological/endophenotyping point of view, on nosography, specific markers and involved factors, phenotyping characterization and genotyping/phenotyping correlations.

Secondly, to contribute to the preventive interventions and strategies of remediation.

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