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    Integrated care and research programs

    Imagine’s strength is bringing research teams, reference centers for rare diseases and clinical departments together around patients with genetic diseases to provide them with better care. To accelerate innovation in aid of patients, Imagine has identified priority fields for the next few years.

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    Understanding and treating genetic diseases

    Imagine’s goal is to change the lives of families affected by genetic diseases. To achieve this goal, Imagine focuses on four major areas: research, innovative care, education, and promotion.

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    What is a genetic disease?

    3 million: the number of people in France with a genetic disease. Most often, these diseases are rare diseases and they are nearly always orphan diseases, meaning there is no treatment. For several years, one place has been has dedicated itself entirely to studying and finding cures for genetic…

    35 million people are affected by genetic diseases in Europe

    1 000 physicians, researchers and engineers dedicated to research and care

    580 Clinical trials

Noa Luu et Teddy Riner

Noa Lûu

Noa Lûu,14 years old, was diagnosed with methylmalonic acidemia (MMA). She cannot eat like all other teenagers her age: she is not allowed any high-protein foods, meat, fish, eggs, milk products, flour and all foods derived from them, bread, biscuits, cakes.

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Cure genetic diseases can not be made without you

This wallpaper depicts Jeremy's impaired cells, with nephronophthisis, a serious genetic disorder that causes irreversible kidney failure. This disease takes a lot of place in the life of Jeremiah and his family.

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