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Metodi obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Cologne, Germany, where he studied the regulation of mitochondrial proteolysis in yeast and mammals. He carried out his postdoctoral research initially at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and later at the Max-Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne, Germany. At both places, he used mouse knockouts to study the regulation of mitochondrial ribosomal biogenesis and translation. In 2013, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Agnès RÖTIG with a postdoctoral fellowship from AFM-TELETHON. Since 2015, he is a permanent researcher (Chargé de Recherche) at INSERM. In this same year, he obtained a Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR) from the Paris-Descartes University in Paris.


In the Imagine Institute, his work focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying mitochondrial diseases caused by impaired mitochondrial translation and proteostasis. He supervises the team member Dr. Martin HORAK on his project studying protein processing in mitochondria. Additionally, he closely collaborates with the team member Dr. Benedetta RUZZENENTE in the study of Leigh syndrome and the development of gene therapy for this disease. In this project, he (co-)supervises the Ph.D. student Cérane CAFOURNET. He is also an academic editor for PLoS One and Scientific Reports.

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