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Victor is a PhD student in Mickaël Ménager’s laboratory. He has obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2016 then his master’s degree in Immunology in 2018 at National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico). He worked, in Isabel Wong and Iris Estrada’s team in the laboratory of molecular Immunology II, on microvesicles released by M. tuberculosis and their capacity to trigger an immune response through human Toll-like receptors (2/6 and 4) expressed on HEK293 cells. By using the human granuloma in vitro model he highlighted the possible link between microvesicles and formation of sterile granulomas in chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. 

In June 2018, he was auditioned for the international PhD program, supported by Bettencourt-Schueller and IMAGINE foundation and since November 2018 he’s part of Inflammatory responses and transcriptomic networks in diseases laboratory, managed by Mickaël Ménager. 

Currently, he works on the role of CLOCK protein, known to establish circadian rhythm, in HIV-1 infection on a monocyte dendritic cells model in order to determine regulatory mechanisms for type I IFN production.  

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